Important dates in 2018

Term Dates

Term Start End Fees Due
Term 1, 2018 30 Jan 13 Apr 1 Jan
Term 4, 2017 16 Oct 15 Dec 1 Jan
Term 2, 2018 30 Apr 6 Jul 1 Jan
Term 3, 2018 23 Jul 28 Sep 1 Jan
Term 4, 2018 15 Oct 14 Dec 1 Jan


Holiday Date
Auckland Anniversary Day 2018 29 Jan
Waitangi Day 2018 6 Feb
Easter Good Friday 2018 30 Mar
Easter Monday 2018 2 Apr
Easter Tuesday 2018 3 Apr
Queen's Birthday 2018 4 Jun
Labour Day 2018 22 Oct

Enrolment Policy

Policy Ensures

  • Milford Baptist Kindergarten is able to sensibly manage the number of children attending; and
  • Parents understand when their child is likely to be able to attend.
  • Every child enrolled takes up a space and is subsidized by the Ministry of Education.
  • Every family will receive a Christian Bible on their first day of attendance when they are welcomed at mat time.

Policy Aim to Acheive

  1. A balance of children in various age groups.
  2. Happy and fulfilling learning experiences for all children at MBK.
  3. Parents who understand and respond to the kindergarten’s administrative procedures.
  4. A commitment to the philosophy of Milford Baptist Kindergarten.

Waiting List

We recommend enrolling your child as soon as possible. When a space becomes available for a new child to attend, the space will be filled from the waiting list according to the following criteria:
  • Child’s age
  • Length of time on the waiting list
  • The number of children of different ages attending Milford Baptist Kindergarten at the time the place becomesavailable
  • Whether the child has or had any siblings attending Milford Baptist Kindergarten
  • The child’s ability to go to the toilet on his/her own, we do prefer children to be toilet trained but are happy to support your child if they are not quite there yet.
  • Whether they already attending another centre.


  1. Ensures a committed enrolment until the child leaves for school.
  2. Spaces will be filled according to the criteria listed below, at the sole discretion of the supervisor.
  3. Priority will generally be given to children with siblings currently attending Milford Baptist Kindergarten.
  4. To ensure that a balance of ages is maintained, the maximum number of days any particular child mayattend Milford Baptist Kindergarten in one week is according to ages as follows;
    • 2.5 years old 2 sessions per week,
    • 3 year old maximum of 3 sessions per week,
    • 4 year old a maximum of 2 full days,
    • 4.5 year old a maximum of 3 full days.
    Please note that when the roll becomes congested, a limit of two morning sessions and four afternoon sessions totaling 6 sessions will provide some movement in the morning session for the waitlist.
  5. Depending on the waiting list, it is the intention of Milford Baptist Kindergarten that children be considered for attendance from age 2.5 years as long as the child is fully toilet trained.
  6. If absent from kindergarten for a continuous three week period the kindergarten is not able to claim funding for absences that continue into the fourth week and beyond. In this case your child will be removed from the roll.
  7. Children with special needs or health problems may need to be absent for longer than three weeks. The kindergarten is able to apply for an exemption to the three week rule for these children.

Enrol now in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Download an enrolment form

Download an enrolment form

Only fill out the first 3 pages. Other pages will be completed upon submission.

Step 2
Fill out the enrolment form

Fill out the enrolment form

  1. Only fill out the first 3 pages. Other pages will be completed upon submission.
Step 3
Prepare supporting documents

Prepare supporting documents

  1. passport or birth certificate
  2. Immunisation documents ( must be shown before you child started kindy )
Step 4
Submit application at Milford Baptist Kindergarten

Submit application at Milford Baptist Kindergarten

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