A fully licenced all day/sessional kindergarten for children aged 2.5 to 6 years.


<p>Milford Baptist kindergarten was established in 1983. It operates as a service to the community by the Milford Baptist Church. The kindergarten operates under a Board of Trustees.</p>
<p>The programme incorporates Christian stories and values that enhance the NZ curriculum “Te Whaariki” instilling values and respect for each other.</p>

Over 30 Years of experience

Milford Baptist kindergarten was established in 1983. It operates as a service to the community by the Milford Baptist Church. The kindergarten operates under a Board of Trustees.

The programme incorporates Christian stories and values that enhance the NZ curriculum “Te Whaariki” instilling values and respect for each other.

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Our philosophies


Together with God we will grow


Preparing children for life by providing an environment that stimulates their curiosity and learning.


These are our values;
Honesty, kindness, empathy, self-care and care for others, Gods love and spiritual life, ongoing professional growth, care for the environment, respect diversity, partnership with parents and Tangata whenua.


The Kindergarten is a part of the outreach ministry of Milford Baptist Church. We exist to provide high-quality, Christ-centred, pre-school education where children are embraced by the love of God and encouraged to cultivate godly character qualities for living, in an environment, which is supportive of families and their communities.

Our main aim is to provide a loving, caring, safe environment, where each child is encouraged to explore and discover the wonder of God’s created work, through the provision of an exciting, challenging and secure environment.

Our child-initiated curriculum and semi-structured programme recognises the learning and developmental needs, strengths and emerging interests of the individual children. We believe children are unique, with God-given potential to grow as confident and competent learners, healthy in body, mind and spirit.  All children are treated with respect and exposed to appropriate learning opportunities.


Welcome to Milford Baptist Kindergarten. We run a semi-structured and Sessional –all day programme offering children and families a learning environment which is safe, secure, caring and loving.

Where teaching is through modelling, repetition, communication through instruction and interaction both with the environment and trusted adults.

We  honour the Treaty of Waitangi,  the partnership, the  equal participation and protection of the land on which we all live as New Zealanders.

Milford Baptist Kindergarten Trust

The objective of the MBK trustees (MBKT) is to have oversight and governance of the Kindergarten, ensuring a safe, warm and caring environment where parents can readily bring their preschool children to learn through the provision of competent staff and good resources.

The MBKT was established in late 1998 under a trust deed drawn up by the Milford Baptist Church (MBC) following a decision by the MBC, which saw the need to formally and legally separate the operation of the Kindergarten from the Church.

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This trust deed, and subsequent amendments provides for up to 8 trustees comprising:-

  • Up to 4 trustees who are MBC members (term of appointments – 2 years)
  • Up to 2 trustees who attend Church regularly (term of appointment – 2 years)
  • Up to 2 trustees who are parents of children at the kindergarten (term of appointment – 1 year)

These positions may be renewed.

The chairman must be a Church appointee and the treasurer preferably a Church appointee.

Quorum for meetings is 5 trustees.

The appointment and reappointment of trustees must be ratified by MBC members (at a Church meeting). Trustees are required to foster a MBC outreach, ensure a Christian content in daily program, provide regular reports to the MBC for the kindergarten and its general oversight, and must provide an annual audited financial statement.

As required by the Ministry of Education (MOE) each kindergarten must appoint a licensee and MOE communicate with this licensee should there be any concerns.

Meetings of the trustees are attended by both the Supervisor and the Administrator (the latter of whom acts as minute secretary Voting rights are a function of the Trustees and Parent Representatives only.

The Supervisor is also the Kindergarten Manager and manages the operation of the kindergarten on a day-to-day basis with the support of the Administrator as required.

In the make-up of the Supervisor’s working week, there is an agreed number of hours for management and administrative duties.

The Supervisor will provide progress reports to the trustees’ meetings and will make recommendations on policy, format, staffing and other matters as appropriate from time to time.

Our dedicated staff

Jane Simpson
Jane Simpson


My name is Jane Simpson (Miss Jane, to the children). I live on the North Shore with my daughter, a previous attendee at MBK, and ‘a few’ pets.

I am a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with a postgraduate diploma, special education: early intervention.

For the child to succeed, I believe collaboration between the teachers and the child’s whanau is essential.


Roselyn Hensman
Roselyn Hensman


My name is Roselyn Hensman. I am a qualified Primary & ECE teacher. I love working with children and being part of their growth and development.

I am originally from India. My husband, two sons, mother and I immigrated to New Zealand in early 2004. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, some particular TV serials and spending time with my family and cooking for them. I enjoy attending and watching   the sports activities my sons and husband are involved in.  We attend church together as a family and spend time with our friends when we can.

Wulandari Prawito
Wulandari Prawito


I was born in Indonesia and moved to Auckland in 1998. I am married to Lucko and have two daughters. I graduated from New Zealand Tertiary College with a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) in 2016. It’s such a blessing to work here and be with all the children and families



My name is Luisa, I am originally from Papua New Guinea .  I am married to David, and we have two adult daughters. Children  like young tender plant shoots, development is quiet but powerful, absorbing nutrients from their environment. I take care that this environment is a good for children and families.


Administrative Manager

I was born in Vancouver Canada and move to NZ with my family in 1970. I am married to Grant and have two grown up married children. I have been working at MBK since 1998, it has been a great honour to work here and gettting to know all the families.


Teaching Staff

My name is Yvonne, I trained as an Early Childhood Teacher before taking time to have a family and help my husband with his business. Later I returned to kindergarten teaching. I am married with 2 adult children and a granddaughter.


Teaching Staff

Hi, I’m Jane and have had the privilege of teaching here at M.B.K for many years. I have enjoyed the challenges and find it most rewarding.
I trained at Auckland Kindergarten Teachers College. I am married with 3 (young adult) children.


Teaching Staff

I am married to Hans and we have a son, called Paul. In September 2008, I graduated from New Zealand Tertiary College with a Bachelor of teaching (Early Childhood Education).

My family are passionate about Music and art.